‚Get Through It Together‘: Couple Goes Viral for Feeding Stranded Motorists With Help of Bread Truck

Drivers were stranded on I-95 in Virginia for over 24 hours earlier this week due to unsafe driving conditions and delays caused by snowy and icy weather.

Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images

Many were left without food, water and warmth as the conditions worsened overnight, leaving many starving and freezing and struggling to get through the night.

But one couple among those stranded is going viral for good after contacting a bread company when they saw a truck stranded ahead of them.

Casey Holihan and John Noe noticed the bread truck ahead of them after not having eaten for over 24 hours and decided to call the number that was on the side of the vehicle.

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“We’ve been looking on social media, we know a lot of people have been stuck out here, some of them for over 24 hours. Me and my wife have been sitting behind a Schmidt Baking truck, she contacted them and told them the situation,” Noe told CBS News. “The owner of the truck told the driver to open it up and start handing out food to people. So, just trying to help out.”

The couple, who was driving from Maryland to North Carolina before getting stranded in Virginia, began handing out loaves of bread to 50 cars.

Schmidt Baking Company, which is based in Baltimore, Maryland, tweeted kind words following the act of kindness.

“If you have to be stuck behind a truck, make it a bread truck,” they quipped. “Glad we could give some folks a little love and a lot of loaves.”

Holihan and Noe were met with praise and encouragement on social media.

“I haven’t been in a ton of those situations, but there is something about being stuck in some horrible scenario with people you don’t know where you lose sight of all the insignificant shit and just want to get through it together,” one user wrote on Twitter. “Beautiful.”

“Awww, that absolutely wonderful to see,” another said.

State traffic and transportation officials closed I-95 in the state before eventually sending law enforcement vehicles to aid stranded drivers.

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Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency on Thursday ahead of incoming winter weather in hopes of avoiding another debacle.

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