The key points to triple a company before the age of 25

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Since we were little, you have taught us that we will begin to reap our professional successes until we are over 30 years old … And this is not entirely true.

How to do it? First, we must take into account that to be successful, (since we are in higher education) we must establish professional goals and a life plan that will guide our decisions. Since with this formula, with only 25 years, I have managed to become the commercial director of one of the 10 most important security companies in Mexico and also, we have tripled the capital and positioning of our company.

Next, I present the four key points that you must take into account if you want to triple the income of your company before 30:

1. Nourish our mind

Although it seems to be a very spiritual point, before thinking about increasing the size of your business, you should document yourself in all the aspects and ramifications of the business (operational, legal, advertising and sales).

Additionally, it will be essential to maintain a professional relationship with people who have more experience than you, as this will strengthen your constant business training and nurture not only the company, but also the work team that accompanies you in each success.

2. Keep an ambitious mind

The only way to go far is to have a clear vision of ourselves and the business. You can achieve this by meeting ambitious goals that motivate you to continue evolving. The fact of having goals that involve empowering your business in an ambitious way will force and pressure you to look for alternatives and adjustments so that it can be molded to what it needs to be, achieving greatness. For this, I recommend having monthly meetings in which the progress of the goal we want to reach is evaluated, establishing new work procedures that facilitate the path and sharing the obstacles that we have traveled in order to avoid falling into them.
3. Find or create our blue ocean

Although the concept of the blue and red ocean is well known, we tend to delimit, or rather, typify them as a way to find industries with little penetration and high demand. Although this is true, we can also look for blue oceans within the same industry, which sometimes have to be created. For this, we must be clear about the problem we are trying to solve (once we have this, use our creativity to find an unavailable solution that can be placed on top of what the competition offers).

4. Implement marketing, marketing and more marketing

We can have the best product and / or service, but if we do not have a team or that has the communication skills (whether digital or physical), we will not be able to connect the business with those who need it. Tools such as Digital Marketing, (which includes ramifications such as: UX, Social Networks and AI) will allow us to position ourselves over competitors and thus easily achieve the goals we seek.

Additionally, it is important to value the professions that surround all businesses in order to establish a solid foundation that goes hand in hand in any situation we encounter.

In addition to everything mentioned above, I recommend having an evaluation time before starting any work activity that we have. In other words, evaluating the competencies that we have, those that we need to enhance and those that will be covered by our team. The fear of achieving success will always be present, but it is that same negative energy that we must occupy to become the success we want to achieve, regardless of our age.

Remember: success cannot be measured with age, if not with job constancy and the tools that we are willing to use to achieve our goals.

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