Nike gets ahead of the Metaverse and creates ‚Nikeland‘, its own virtual world on Roblox

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Nike launched its own virtual world within the Roblox online video game platform. This is ‚Nikeland‘ , a space where players can interact in free sports games and use articles of the firm in their digital version. With this step, Nike becomes one of the first major brands to take a step forward towards the Metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg is developing.

Nike vía Nike News

„Nike created this bespoke world against the backdrop of its world headquarters and within Roblox’s immersive 3D space, based on its goal of making sport and gaming a lifestyle,“ Nike said in a statement .

Nikeland is an immersive virtual experience, where participants can perform sports activities and compete against other players in swimming, athletics or parkour events.

„The buildings and fields within Nikeland are inspired by Nike’s real-life headquarters and host detailed settings for the Roblox community to put their skills to the test by competing in various mini-games,“ added the sportswear and accessories manufacturer.

Among the minigames it includes are ‚The floor is lava‘, ‚Dodgeball‘ and ‚Tag‘, which in Mexico would be the equivalent of ‚The floor is lava‘, ‚Burned‘ and ‚You bring them‘ or trapped. It also offers the possibility of creating your own mini -games from simple design tools and interactive materials developed by the firm.

To play, gamers will be able to use their smartphone’s accelerometer to record their physical movements and control their avatar online. That is, something similar to how the Nintendo Wii works.

„For example, you can move your device and your body in real life to perform great movements in the game, like long jumps or sprints,“ notes the company.

Sure you can get Nike items at Nikeland

An important part of the strategy is to offer virtual garments of the brand, so that users „wear“ their avatars. Players will be able to receive these items as rewards as they compete in various activities within Nikeland.

Image via Nike News .

In this immersive universe, players will find a digital showroom where they can find everything from “basic” garments to super special products. For example, some exclusive Mercurial football boots in the official Roblox colors.

The next step: bringing the virtual into the real world

If in real life Nike ’s motto is “Just do it” , at Nikeland the premise is “Dream it. Make it. Play it ” (Dream it. Do it. Play it.).

The brand wants to merge its digital space with the physical one. Therefore, starting next month, the firm will have an augmented reality experience in its flagship store in New York. Thanks to a Snapchat filter, users will be able to recreate, in the physical environment, the virtual reality of the Nikeland universe.

„Nike’s commitment to inspiring the advancement and innovation of the future of sports experiences will continue this December when the brand brings the immersive world of Roblox and Nikeland to life at Nike’s HOI (House of Innovation) in New York.“ explains the company.

„This filter will allow people who visit the floor reserved for children’s collections to see the space transformed into an augmented reality version of Nikeland,“ they add. This will include „their avatars, fun games and an egg hunt inspired by the version that can be played from Nikeland.“

Nike prepared well to enter the Metaverse

On October 27 and 28, Nike filed 7 registration applications for its various brands, slogans and logos with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This in order to convert them into registered trademarks for the commercialization of a wide range of articles in digital media.

The dates coincide with the official launch of Meta , the new matrix that encompasses Mark Zuckerberg ’s companies, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus. Perhaps because of this and anticipating the future of the Metaverse , Nike decided to acquire the patents for its brands.

What draws the attention of specialists is that Nike has chosen Roblox to launch its virtual universe, since its user base is made up mostly of children, adolescents and young adults.

Here is the Nikeland presentation video, tell us what you think:

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