Starbucks, Amazon Go Open Store in New York

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Starbucks and Amazon Go have partnered for a new store concept. It opens in New York City Thursday. 

Spencer Platt | Getty Images

As CNN explains, Starbucks coffee can be bought normally from a barista or by making a mobile to-go order. A customer who wants to browse the Amazon Go store or sit in the market will need to follow Amazon’s protocols, using a credit card, Amazon app or their palm to enter the seating area. 

The combination venture offers up typical Starbucks snacks and meals in addition to Amazon Go sandwiches and salads, as well as local foods like Ess-A-Bagel bagels.

Amazon uses cameras to monitor which items a person has selected and taken, then charges that person accordingly. 

According to CNN, Starbucks will open another of these concept shops in New York and a third in an unknown location within the next year.

The coffee giant is pitching itself as a space to not only enjoy caffeine and snacks, but to work and socialize.

Kathryn Young, the company’s senior vice president of global growth and development, told CNN, “There’s space to plug in, space to be, space to connect, space to have meetings.” The company wants to “meet customers where [they] are at different places all throughout the day.”

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