How to seize the opportunity to normalize well-being

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One of the most listened to conversations in recent months is whether a major resignation is expected, driven by the search for better working conditions and greater balance ; or if a large layoff is anticipated, given the need for companies to take care of their financial structure, omitting what is truly important: the opportunity to normalize well-being.

What we have observed in Gympass is that once companies promote the issue of wellness internally, they complement it with tools and tactics that strengthen that vision; And the highest success rate is achieved when it is a vision driven from leadership.

Thus, the first step is active listening , especially because well-being can have different conceptions and it is important to close possible gaps, especially when we are at a time where there are up to four generations working and directing: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Centennials,

The second is to stop normalizing the discomfort. Understand that neck and back pain, eye fatigue, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension are „work things“ because „it has always been like that“, which also translates into individual and business costs to deal with work stress, absences, burnout , lack of motivation and commitment.

And thirdly: make well-being visible as a means and not as an end . Have tools to be able to adopt better exercise, eating and financial habits; Being able to rely on mental or physical health experts, as well as achieving a real disconnection thanks to mindfulness are actions that allow us to reach our own objectives and goals in a better way.

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In the case of Mexico, NOM 035 was approved, which allows identifying the potential factors that can affect the health of employees, and addressing them in a preventive manner, allowing balanced workloads, training, positive leadership, to mention some measures with impact. direct in reducing work stress.

In the case of Gympass, our experience is that by complementing the different regulations with specific action plans and tactics, it places companies in a better position to innovate, grow and have better results, because there is less turnover, less use of medical expenses, greater sense of belonging and greater growth.

The normalization of well-being requires setting aside the vision that it is an obligation or a “check list” requested by the different stakeholders. It is an opportunity to make a valuable and positive change with an impact in favor of the next generations.

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