10 phrases from Mexican movies to inspire you

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This November 18, the birthday of film legend Pedro Infante was celebrated. To celebrate this date, we compiled 10 phrases from the best films of Mexican cinema to remember that even inspiration can be found in the most incredible and closest sources.

José Ernesto Infante

„Go to bed hungry, if necessary, but with a very clean forehead“, Miguel Ángel Ferriz in Vino el swirl and us alevantó (1950).

„Just let me find the pants, and you’ll see what happens to you!“, Joaquín Pardavé in Arriba el norte (1948).

„Really, every day I understand less what is happening in the world“, Miguel Inclán in Salón México (1948).

„Unfortunately, the heart does not choose“, Pedro Armendariz in Enamorada (1944).

„When the baker is bad he blames the flour!“, Lilia Prado in Subida al cielo (1951)

„Truth of God that life can be otherwise“, Ernesto Gómez Cruz in Los Caifanes (1967)

“I will succeed and be rich, richer than the man next door. Richer and better than him ”, Miguel Ángel Ferriz in Gift of Kings (1942).

„When I’m scared, I’m just crazy“, Pedro Infante in El Inocente (1956)

„If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans“, Vanessa Bauche in „Amores Perros“, (2000).

„To see reason with someone, that someone must have a brain“, Silvia Pinal in El Casto Susano (1954)

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