The startup Homely acquires its rival Aliada

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The Mexican startup Homely , a platform that links cleaning professionals with businesses, offices and homes, announced the acquisition of Aliada , its main competitor in domestic services to expand its offer in Latin America, in a transaction whose amount was not disclosed. This purchase is in addition to the recent company acquisition transactions that have been carried out in the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem as a great sign of the potential of Mexican startups.

Cortesía Homely y Aliada

Born in 2016 under the name Jelp Mi !, Homely has had a growth of more than 300% in recent years. After the purchase, Aliada, which was founded in 2014, will continue to operate independently maintaining synergies with Homely in terms of technology, business services and benefits for the service providers of the acquired startup.

“At Homely we were born with the vision of transforming the lives of workers in the cleaning industry in Mexico and Latin America; We have always sought to ally ourselves with startups from across the region in order to achieve this. Today we are in three cities with operations for domestic cleaning and 6 more from the hand of our corporate clients; by the end of this year we plan to open 10 more positions with one of our corporate clients and continue to penetrate the domestic market in the cities where we already operate, „said Edgar Tello, co-founder and COO of Homely.

Melina Cruz, co-founder and CEO and Edgar Tello, co-founder and COO of Homely / Image: Courtesy Homely.

“At Homely we have managed to get all the staff providing domestic cleaning services to be incorporated into the IMSS pilot program, users pay a fee for each service that allows independent keepers to have access to social security and provide this benefit to parents, spouses. and sons; This same benefit will be implemented for all the personnel performing services in Aliada, adding hundreds of providers of domestic cleaning services, ”said Melina Cruz, co-founder and CEO of Homely, in a statement.

Cruz explained that today Aliada has approximately 200 people registered as service providers and, although the operation will work individually between the two companies, they will seek that all personnel connected by their platforms have access to the same benefits. He also revealed that Homely’s growth plans will continue to focus on the operation of commercial cleaning services for businesses and offices and a greater penetration in the property management industry, where they already have clients such as CASAI, Flat, Houm, among other leading startups. in the segment.

Homely was recognized this year as the best startup by Platzi in its DemoDay .

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